How We Work

Solution Agnostic — Process Driven

We don't bring an answer in search of a problem. We don't even care what the answer is... only that we identify it. Then we help you map out a solution and product pathway to solving your business problems by employing continuous improvement to a MVP approach as we minimize technical debt, enable scalability and maximize returns. Our approach embraces the totality of the Software Development Life Cycle.

We follow the Agile manifesto philosophies of working software and collaboration as we stay flexible based on what is occurring at the moment... rather than prescriptively following a to-do list. Within Agile, we use a combination of Lean Methodologies, Kanban and Scrum as we integrate with traditional agency workflow and approvals. We leverage our experience to integrate with your existing process as we help meet your client’s needs.

Our team consists of experienced developers and managers who understand the digital process and the fundamentals of programming within the needs of the marketing space. We don’t bring in digital talent because they know a CMS. We have been built to identify and execute on technologies and architectural decisions that maximize a project’s returns while limiting technical debt.

We are happy to join in at any phase of your project and play a role in your success.

Tools We Use

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The Process We Follow


While the depth and complexity of the discovery phase varies by scope, the primary purpose is to gather the information required to Successfully plan, execute and measure the work. In order to get an understanding of the business problems, goals and objectives, we conduct interviews with stakeholders across different business units and functions within the organization. We evaluate existing documentation, Analytics and data analysis, Competitor/Cross-Industry Analysis and examine existing and planned omni-channel marketing.

We work to understand the audience and develop project goals and a consolidation of learnings that will drive a user focused strategy.


With the consolidation of learnings complete, we articulate the user focused strategy into defined requirements that direct metrics, content and functionality which in turn drives user experience, design and development. This defines the top level functional and non-functional requirements that must be met by the end product. These clearly defined requirements are validated with the client stakeholders and, then, shared with the internal team in formal kickoff.

The results drive the content, design, functional and technical specifications that make up the next phase of the project.



High-level design documentation consisting of style guides, experience guides and matrices, copy decks, functional annotations on designs (viewport/device-centric), and brand guidelines (applied to digital) will be built. These documents inform design, development and quality assurance throughout the project. Then we move deeper into interface and interaction design, wireframes and functional specifications. But, design isn't just creative.

Our technical team's approach is grounded in time proven best practices as we determine the optimal solution to meeting current and future needs as outlined in the previous phases of the project. The result of the process is an informed solution that is compiled into a living technical specification document for use in the build. This document outlines the requirements and architecture. Scaffolding is documented and referenced within the individual components. All APIs and Data stores are mapped and documented.


The execution phase consists of the build, integration, test, tune and launch — all within our Agile process. We implement the functional specifications and creative flats within the chosen system following OWASP security standards, and SEO and analytics per their respective plans. Velocity is monitored through daily standup and Jira’s integration into our continuous deployment setup. Internal reviews are conducted during our sprint reviews.

Our products undergo in depth functional and cross-browser/device testing prior to launch, with smoke tests run after release.


Maintain & Measure

Once your project is live, we continue to support it with a host of services to ensure your needs continue to be met. Software and server management are critical components in ensuring your site remains secure and performs at its optimal capacity and speed. As part of proactive maintenance, we can implement monitoring tools on the servers, APIs and plugins to proactively watch for abnormalities, potential issues and version updates.

We offer traditional maintenance, new device/OS testing, advanced analytics, monitoring services, security scans and performance testing/tuning.

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