Scale When You Need To

Development Services for Ad Agencies

We come from the Agency world. We understand your problems and know what it is like to try and staff for limited engagements or specialized skill sets. We exist to extend your development team and its capabilities at scale and very attractive pricing. That is why we started.

We leverage the promise of technology to acquire the best talent where it resides, which allows us to limit many of the competitive pressures that drive rates up and thin the talent pool. We have people in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York City for face-to-face meetings, along with distributed resources in the US and offshore to help you manage budgets with process driven flexibility while maintaining the highest of quality standards.

Best practices are global and our teams use the same collaboration and process management tools as the top agencies in an efficient way. Our entire distributed model is based on maximizing deliverable quality, minimizing development effort and sharing the savings with our clients.

We deliver at scale.

Tools We Use

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Our front end team has honed their skills building interactive responsive frontends based on functional specifications and user stories in highly regulated verticals. We have extensive experience in the technologies needed to bring your project to fruition. We empower our clients to turn their visions into reality by creating reliable, engaging and flawlessly aesthetic products.

What We Use: AngularJS · Bootstrap · CoffeeScript · Ember · FontAwesome · GoogleMaps API · GoogleFonts · Handlebars · JavaScript · Jest · jQuery · JSON · JWPlayer · HighCharts · Less · Moment.js · Sass · SCSS · React · Redux · Undescore · WordPress · WordPress Custom Plugins


Our team has extensive experience in custom development in PHP, Java, Ruby and more. We leverage our deep experience in architecture and solution development to minimize technical debt while building highly scalable solutions for our clients.

What We Use: ActiveAdmin · Ansible · AWS API Gateway · AWS EC2 · AWS Lambda · AWS S3 · AWS SQS · Devise · Django · Docker · Drupal · Canvas · Fullcalendar · GDAX · Grape · Grape API · Java · kNN-algorithm · Magento · Meteor · Neural Networks · OpenCV · PHP · PubNub · PundItSidekiq · Python · Ruby · Ruby on Rails · RailsAP · Salesforce · Shopify · Swagger Passenger · Twilio · Wordpress

iOS & Android

Our team has developed and released dozens of mobile applications via iOS, Android, PWA, React Native and Web. Each approach has its time and place. We work with our clients to determine the optimal solution based on business needs and the planned SDLC of the product.

What We Use: Active Android · Android Components 1.0 · Android Support Library · Apache Commons · AWS · Butter Knife · Autolayout · AVFoundation · AWSCore · AWS SDK · Bolts.framework · CocoaPods · CocoaTouch · CoreData · CoreLocation · CoreTelephony · Crashlytics · Firebase · Foundation · EventBus · Firebase · Glide · GCD · Java · Localizable API · Objective-C · Kotlin · Observer Pattern · OkHttp2 · MapKit · MessageUI · PubNub · QurtzCore · React Native · Remote Push Notifications · REST · Runtime · Retrofit 1.0/2.0 · RTMP · RxAndroid · RxJava · SQLite · Twilio · UIKit · UILocalNotifications · WebKit

Cloud & Security

We follow well accepted and documented practices in our service offerings. Development is performed according to the OWASP Development Guide and OWASP Code Review Guide recommendations to mitigate common security risks. Our server team installs and configures servers on the AWS cloud platform according to the Financial Industry Security Standards.

What We Use: Amazon Lex/SageMaker · API Gateway · AWS S3/Route 53 · Chkrootkit · Clamav · CloudFront · CloudWatch · Cognito · EC2 Load/instances · EC2 security groups · EC2 balancers · EFS · ElastiCache · Elasticsearch Service · Fabric · Fail2ban · Fastlane · Glacier · Iptables · Jenkins · Lambda · Load Balancers · Maldet · OpenVas · OSSEC · OWASP · RDS · Rkhunter · VPC · Zabbix

Machine Learning

Our team has extensive practical, hands-on experience in working with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Modeling & Analytics, and more. Engage with us to determine how our experience can help your clients meet their needs while minimizing risk exposure.

What We Use: Anaconda · JupyterHub · Keras · Matplotlib · NumPy · Pandas · Pip · Psycopg2 · TensorFlow · Scikitlearn · SciPy · Seaborn

We Bring Proven Industry Experience

We are a group of seasoned agency professionals with decades of experience servicing major clients in a variety of verticals. Let us bring our deep experience to work for your organization and your clients.

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Banking & Financial
  • Casual Dining
  • Communications
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • eCommerce
  • Franchising
  • Government & Military
  • Health & Beauty
  • Insurance
  • Lottery
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Start Ups
  • Wellness

Get the Discussion Started

We have been built to serve as an expansion of your digital team. We are well versed in Agile and Waterfall methodologies in support of clients with varying internal processes. Let’s find out how we can fit with your organization as we help you scale your team.

We look forward to starting the conversation.